Richard Taylor

Barton. Southampton. Bath. Guildford.

If you would like to contact me about an article in one of my threads then please send an email to this address: <address inserted by JavaScript>

That's right, email. I don't do so-called "social media" as I find it mostly toxic and/or a huge time-sink. It's also partly a generational thing. I like "letters". When I first left home I used to write a letter to my parents every week and post it to them. Then I'd get a reply a few days later. Different times, but every letter seemed special.

Most of my articles are about coding or cubing. You can go look at my GitHub projects to get the latest public code and see my modest Rubik's Cube results on the official WCA site.

By the way: I am not the Richard Taylor who helped Andrew Wiles prove Fermat's Last Theorem, although I do do some maths tutoring. No, I'm the inconspicuous one who wrote the Eddie Shore novels that only a few people read and some Short Stories adored by thousands.