Richard Taylor BEng PhD

After taking a first in electronic engineering at the University of Southampton, I stayed on to complete a PhD in computer science, before moving to the University of Bath to take up a post-doctoral position and then finally going "out into industry". [publications]

Over the years I have had a very varied career; working for some huge multinational companies, a couple of start-ups and several medium-sized businesses: in areas including image processing, 3D graphics, face detection, machine learning, parallel processing and cloud computing.

As a scientist, an engineer and a leader, I have always had a strong interest in technology and people. It is so rewarding to work with enthusiatic people on technical problems and their career development. I hope to continue for many years to come.

My wife and I currently live in Guildford with our greyhound, who we rescued when she retired from racing. We have two sons who both recently graduated in STEM subjects at University.

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